Questions For Mitzvah Planner

Questions to ask Mitzvah Planner

Bar Mitzvah Party Planners
Planning and organizing your son's Bar Mitzvah is an exciting yet extremely hectic process. Bar Mitzvah Party Planner handle every detail of the event, freeing you and your family to enjoy this special day. Before you hire your Bar Mitzvah party planner, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How long is your Bar Mitzvah party planner in business?
  •  Did your Bar Mitzvah party planner work in high end venues?
  • Is she organized
  •  Someone could be organized but boring you need someone who will have fresh ideas.
  •  Bar Mitzvah party planner is like a date. Need to click with her personality.
  •  How much variety of vendors will a bar mitzvah party planner give you: two or more?
  •  Make sure your Bar Mitzvah party planner doesn't push her idea on you rather bring ideas from you.
  •  Good Bar Mitzvah party planner is someone who could bring out your personality or your kids’ personality in the theme and the atmosphere of the party.
  •  Does she know how to handle stress?
  •  Does she know how to deal with unruly guests?
  •  How much is your opinion counted. Do you make most of decisions or you are involved in decision process and to what extend?
  • How long before party should you hire Bar Mitzvah party planner – 6 months
Come ready to Bar Mitzvah party planner with as much as you know about what you want then they will be able to achieve it for you.

Relax and Enjoy the party!

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