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About Us



Hilton Stamford

Every event is a reflection and celebration of the tastes, values and cultures of the hosts. To help you carefully tailor your special day, the Hilton Stamford Hotel offers a range of special services for kosher celebrations. Special packages have been designed for kosher weddings, bar mitzvahs, religious retreats and our staff includes event planners who specialize in kosher events. Our kitchen is kosher-ready, and we will gladly work with approved outside caterers on request. Discover the special touches that set us apart from other Connecticut event sites. From spectacular venues such as our outdoor Garden Pavilion Tent to an array of culture-sensitive services, the Hilton is designed to create memories for a lifetime

-Kosher-ready kitchen

-Special packages for kosher weddings

-We welcome outside caterers upon approval

-Flexible event space, including a sweeping ballroom and temperature controlled outdoor tent

-Elegant accommodations for overnight stays

-Hard key locks available on all guest rooms

-Private swim times can be arranged

-Shabbos elevator available