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Questions to Ask Kosher Caterer

Questions to ask Kosher Caterer

Bar Mitzvah Kosher Caterer
Questions to ask 
your Kosher Caterer:

When planning Bar Mitzvah you have many caterers choices. We have compiled a list of crucial questions to ask before hiring a Kosher Caterer.
1) How long has your Kosher Caterer been in business? 
2) How experienced are the Kosher Caterer staff and what are the uniform requirements? The way your guests will be treated by the waitresses will have an affect on your guests’ enjoyment of your Bar Mitzvah.
3) Can you see reviews of your Kosher Caterer? Ask the caterer for reviews, but also do your own research—ask your friends, family members who have used your Kosher Caterer in the past.
4) What venues does your Kosher Caterer serve? 
5)  Is the person you are in contact with during the planning stages of the Bar Mitzvah the same person who will overlook your event on the day of the Bar Mitzvah? You want to make sure you’re working with someone who is responsive and knowledgeable. 
6) Will the meal be prepared on site or arrive at the venue already prepared? Some Kosher Caterers cook your meal in advance before the event, and re-heat it once they arrive at the venue. 
7) Does your caterer use fresh or frozen and food? The best meal is the one made of fresh ingredients. You want to make sure your Kosher Caterer uses only fresh ingredients.
8) What is the serving style? You can have a traditional sit down dinner or buffet, food stations.
9) Budget: Let your Kosher Caterer know your budget up front. 
10) Ask what is done with the leftover food. Can you bring leftovers home?
11) Are the tips included in the price or will they be added later? Find out what the final price is.
Once all the details are clarified all you need to do is enjoy your gourmet catering. Bon Appetit!

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