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Prepare Tefillin for Bar Mitzvah

Expert Sofer Stam

Rabbi Gez is a qualified Sofer Stam and Magiah - סופר סת"מ ומגיה. He has experience all over the world checking Torah scrolls, Tfillin, and Mezuzot - ספרי תורה ,תפילין ,ומזוזות.

Rabbi Gez created a special Sunday program; He checks Tfillin and Mezuzotfor communities outside of the city in suburban areas, who do not have a Sofer Stam in their community. He comes on a scheduled Sunday morning and checks Tefillin and Mezuzot throughout the entire day to benefit the whole community.

Additionally, Rabbi Gez offers a professional workshop for young students teaching all the practical halachot of being a sofer stam. He prepares students for the test to get the Sofer Stam certificate.